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Project Name: Elearning and Children's Services

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Name: Stephen Marchant
Role in the project: Project Manager
Phone: 61264722
Other team members:

Name: Anne Webb
Role in the project: Trainer
Phone: (02) 61264721

Name: Lola Bulkeley
Role in the project: Trainer
Phone: (02) 61264715

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Project Profile:

Who are the learners and how will they benefit from this project?

Students completeing their Certificate III in Children's Services with Optimum Training and Development (OTD).
Our target groups include students with:
  • English as a second language
  • minimal formal education
  • no qualification though many years of experience and
  • mature aged educators.

Where are your learners located?

In Children's Services all over the Australian Capital Territory

How will training be delivered?

For the project we are using moodle as the learning management system for written assessment and interaction as well as workplace assessments. Extra resources OTD will be investigating and implementing will be a translation resource connected to moodle as a large percentage of our students have English as a second language.

Describe the importance of this project for your target learners and explain how it will meet the strategic objective of the E-learning for Participation and Skills funding to utilise innovative e-learning practices and / or high speed broadband-enabled technologies to deliver e-learning projects and strategies which improve individuals’ access to gain pre-vocational skills, skills in priority employment areas, or to pursue educational pathways to gain higher qualifications?
The project's importance allows students to become familiar with technologies utilised in other educational institutions e.g moddle is utilised at the Universtiy of Canberra and the Canberra Institute of Technology. Once the Certificate III in Children's Services is completed students can commence the Diploma in Children's Services and this will provide them with credits for the Bachelor of Education(Early Childhood).
Utilising technology for study will see students develop skills that they may not have otherwise had the opportunity to develop.

What are the intended outcomes from your project, and how you will measure them?

Students have completed units of competency nominated in the project from the Cert. III in Children's Services.

What are the needs of the target learner group/s and relevant stakeholders (employers, community, training organisations etc)?

Needs of the learners:
  • a flexible mode of delivery of learning materails
  • translation tools
  • time to study
  • access to tools to study with.

Needs of the relevant stakeholders:
  • qualifications for educators from quality education resources and materials.
  • a variety of course material delivery to suit work conditions of educators.
  • resources and opportunities for students to complete studies.

Describe the learning approach, program and technologies to be used... (Include details about where the training and trials will take place, the number of learners and the qualification, units(s) or skills sets to be delivered.)

The students who will be participating in the project (approximately 15-20) will be working in a Children's Service, enrolled as a trainee in the Certificate III in Children's Services. There are 8 competencies that they can complete online and we will also be visiting the students at the workplace.

Please list 5 key words (metadata) that people can use to find your project:
Certificate III in childrens Services, e-learning, Batchelor of Education, flexible learning.

Monthly Project Updates
(Please complete minimum of 2 paragraphs each month providing an update of your project)

  1. || September 2012
    This month was spent organising meetings with relevant stakeholders and developing the implementation plan. || ||
    || October 2012
    The Team is still setting up. Prospective members for the Steering Committee will receive their invitations this month.
    There was a meeting with George the IT service provider, Anne, Lyn, Lola, Heather and Karen, who will be upskilling the trainers in the use of the learning management system (moodle). At the meeting time lines were arranged for when George would have moodle installed so that Karen and the trainers can begin upskilling and designing the course on offer.
    The IT service provider is in the process of installing the learning management system and this should be completed at the end of this month.
    || ||
    || November 2012
    Things are moving slowly, but they are moving. We have our IT person working hard at setting up the learning management system which should be up and running by the end of this month. We have our first meeting with the designer on the 19th with the trainers. The trainers are working out what content is going to be utilised and what it will look like.
    We have a breakfast organised to invite the stakeholders and other interested parties of which Jyothi Jayaram has graciously accepted her invitation. Jyothi will be doing a short presentation to explain about the e-learning Strategy and the purpose of the projects. We are also in the process of developing a list of students who may be interested in participating in the project.
    || ||
    || December 2012 |
  2. Our breakfast was quite successful. We had a number of directors and managers from children's services here in the ACT. There were questions asked and information provided which demonstrated a genuine interest along with names of children's services and students who will take up the challenge. Thank you Jyothi whose presentation gave the audience a greater understanding of why this project is being developed. The trainers have been provided with training from Karen on how to develop and edit content for the learning management system (LMS) and the LMS is up and content is being added. We end the year a little behind our schedule bit hope that with some clever planning, January will see us up to date and signing up some students.|
    || January 2013 HAPPY NEW YEAR.
  3. Although there is not a lot to add at this point there still has been some progress;
Our manager has been busy redesigning our LMS pages and they look fresher, clearer and easier to follow.
We have a planning day on the 9th January to organise our timeline for the month and our actions and goals.
We have names and numbers of potential participants and will start contacting them to arrange a information session/s.
The trainers also have another training session ourselves before we start demonstrating the system to the participants.
Not too long before it is up and on the way. Great work Team!
February 2013
This month we have been busy with the trainers becoming familiar with reviewing the course content and developing it for the moodle site. The trainers have been provided with a couple of workshops to support them with this process. Once the course material was set up they logged in as students and tested the site. The content is a mixture of quizzes, short answer questions and discussions on the forum. After this process was complete we had an information dinner and invited directors and trainees to the evening providing them with gourmet pizza and fresh salads for eats. The CEO for Southside attended this meeting and was impressed with the resource that was being developed. The night was helpful to the trainers and project manager as questions were being asked that enabled changes to be made initially to improve this learning tool . Overall a good night. We have trainees on board, 5 from the evening and another 3 signed up. So we are on the way. One comment already from a trainee is that having the information relevant to the unit easily accessable has meant more time to actually do the work than look up the information. We have provided links on the site for trainees to go directly to documentation and research articles they may need. Now on track at this point in time.
March 2013

Change of personnel, return to the core....

The project has progressed on its planned path - we now have 23 users, some very active, whilst a few have not yet logged on: we'll be following those up starting this week.

The major hurdles so far have been around customising the content to suit elearning, and at the same time, building capability within the trainers responsible for the training. Another hurdle has been 'figuring out' how to use moodle so that assignment submission, marking, and return to students works efficiently and effectively. This, given that many of the learners have CALD backgrounds and mostly limited knowledge of e-learning.

The person who previously had carriage of ensuring the project was on track has moved to a new employer, taking with her the mindful management knowledge required. This has meant, in our small organisation, a shift of responsibility upwards to Manager level who has to incorporate these new duties into existing workload.

Reflecting on this organisational shift, and acknowledging that risk management strategies might be difficult to implement, developing strategies to manage these sorts of issues is different across the spectrum of organisations. Small organisations can 'punch above their weight' just as it seems these days that ALL organisations s-t-r-e-t-c-h their workforce to deliver more with finite resources.

In summary, the project continues - we've shed some of our 'want to do's' in favour of concentrating on the core - providing sound learning resourced online and through face-to-face contact.
April 2013

May 2013

June 2013

Project wrap up