Project name: Academic Skills for Learners with Disability

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Name: Jaci Ganendran
Role in the project: Project Manager
Phone: 02 62059782

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Role in the project: xxx

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Name: xxx
Role in the project: xxx
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Project Profile:

Who are the learners and how will they benefit from this project?

Where are your learners located?

How will training be delivered?

Describe the importance of this project for your target learners and explain how it will meet the strategic objective of the E-learning for Participation and Skills funding to utilise innovative e-learning practices and / or high speed broadband-enabled technologies to deliver e-learning projects and strategies which improve individuals’ access to gain pre-vocational skills, skills in priority employment areas, or to pursue educational pathways to gain higher qualifications?

What are the intended outcomes from your project, and how you will measure them?

What are the needs of the target learner group/s and relevant stakeholders (employers, community, training organisations etc)?

Describe the learning approach, program and technologies to be used... (Include details about where the training and trials will take place, the number of learners and the qualification, units(s) or skills sets to be delivered.)

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