Tip: Please note some teams had troubles with Amara on IE, while Chrome worked well for them.

Here is a step by step explanation of creating captions using Amara:external image amara.jpg?w=611

Step 1: Upload the video to your YouTube* account or channel – the video needs to be online to use Amara.
*It is also possible to use Amara with any video hosting service or web server but we have chosen to use YouTube.

Step 2: Create subtitles for the video
We recommend using Amara^ as a good tool for creating initial subtitles. The interface is easy to navigate and does not contain any more tools than are needed for each step which saves time. The process below outlines how to create a ‘’ file.
(Please note Amara is a tool created for a broader project in subtitling video across the web but we are going to use it for our own purposes so you don’t need to send them the subtitle files.)

  1. Upload the video onto Strategy YouTube channel (you could use any other video hosting site or web server that you have access to but we suggest you use the final location to make it simpler later)
  2. The Amara website provides in context instructions and example videos for each step of the process. Once you add your video to Amara (by adding the link to it on the YouTube site) you’ll be given step by step instructions on how to add the subtitles including a short instructional videos for each step should you need it. Once you’ve created your subtitles you’ll need to save them to your computer and make sure that they are in the correct format as outlined below.
  3. Save the subtitles to your computer.
    • Select the ‘Download subtitles’ button at the end of the final step

    • Copy the text from the text box (this contains the actual subtitles)
    • Open any text editor such as Notepad on the PC or TextEdit on the Mac
    • Paste the copied text into the text editor

    • Delete the first 3 lines from the file, these relate to Amara requirements only.
    • Save the file as

Step 3: Upload the caption file to the video in YouTube
Selecting your username and choose the Video Manager option. Find the video that requires the captions, select the Captions button then select add new captions or transcript. You will be prompted to Browse for a file to upload. Select the file to upload and select Caption file. Choose the language and provide a track name then upload the file.

Step 4: Link to the video from your case study