Baseline Data Collection Information

Trainers and students participating in the Participation and Skills Program are asked to respond to the following surveys which forms part of the first stage of an evaluation of the National VET E-Learning Strategy 2012. The survey closes on XXXX.

(Link to) Teacher Instructions

If there are students who are under 18, participating in training, print off the Parental Consent Forms and collect them before students complete the survey. Your organisation will need to retain the signed consent forms.

The survey is available using the links below: Teachers and students are strongly encouraged to complete the survey online.

Pre program surveys

Teacher / Trainer Pre Program Survey: XXX
Learner / Student Pre Program Survey: xxx
Learner / Student Pre Program Survey Hard Copy:

If you have any further questions about the National VET E-learning Strategy survey or Baseline data collection please contact either Fiona or Adam or the FLAG Secretariat:
Phone: 03 9954 2700

Post program surveys

The preferred method of completion is online; however where accessibility is an issue, hard copy surveys may be distributed (on a case-by-case basis) and returned to the FLAG Secretariat:

Att: Alicia Wein (V414LA4)
FLAG Secretariat
PO Box 9880
Melbourne VIC 3000

Finally, please be aware as some courses may have only recently commenced, it should be emphasised that trainers and learners should not complete the survey immediately upon receipt of these links. To maximise the period between pre and post surveys, surveys should be completed as close to the end of the course as possible.

Thank you for your ongoing support of the Strategy’s measurement and research function.

Online surveys (preferred method): XXX

Hard copy surveys: XXX