There are a series of National VET E-Learning Strategy branded templates and guidelines available to help you easily apply branding to your output/s.

Below are documents that will provide guidelines around branding, style and templates; and also the National VET E-Learning Strategy E-Learning for Participation & Skills logos.

Logo's and templates can be found at
please note we are currently waiting for an .esp files for the new logos to arrive and will upload to this dropbox. (18 April 2013)

National VET E-Learning Strategy Communications Handbook & User Guides

Communications Handbook
Branding User Guide (6th February 2013)
Style User guide
Templates User guide

Branding Checklist - Mandatory Elements
Summary of Branding Requirements

E-Learning for Participation & Skills Templates

Letterhead template:

Powerpoint template (Updated - new logo - 5/6/13):

Acquittal template (for SA, TAS, VIC, WA projects):

Acquittal template (for NSW, QLD, ACT, NT projects):

ELP&S Banner:

National VET E-Learning Strategy and E-Learning for Participation & Skills Logos

All logos can be accessed in Dropbox (even if you dont have a Dropbox account) by following this link

Strategy Consent Forms

Strategy Consent form - Individual
Strategy Consent form - Group

Copyright Register

Strategy Copyright Clearance Register