National VET E-Learning Strategy Branding Guidelines

These are the National VET E-Learning Strategy guidelines available to help you easily apply branding to your output/s.


User guide - Branding
User guide - Style
User guide - Templates
Communications Handbook

National VET E-Learning Strategy Logos

Side stacked JPG:

NVELS side_stacked_logo.jpg

Side Stacked PNG:

NVELS_side_stacked_logo.pngNVELS side_stacked_logo.png

Side stacked 130x60mm JPG:

NVELS side_stacked_logo_130x60mm.jpg

Side stacked 130x60mm PNG:

NVELS side_stacked_logo_130x60mm.png

Side stacked Large JPG:

NVELS side_stacked_logo_large.jpg

Side stacked Large PNG:

NVELS side_stacked_logo_large.png