In creating your digital story to explain your ELP&S Project, keep it short and sharp. It does not need to be more than 3 or 4 minutes. If you are doing an interview, you might want to simply answer these three questions:

Q1. This project is about...
Q2. This project has allowed us to...
Q3. The benefits for our team/the organisation have been...

You can simply sit down and record your team answering these questions - or you may want to do something much more engaging!


An online workshop was held for all ELP&S Projects - "Working with video" on Friday 17th May 2013. This workshops covered:
  • Transferring videos between your phone, iPad or computer
  • Resources for editing video
  • Creating Closed Caption subtitles for your videos using Amara (
  • Using Dropbox to submit your final videos and captions to the ELP&S team

Take a look at the session recording:
Here is an overview of the video creation process;

Remember: you can visit our existing ‘NVELSAustralia YouTube channel’ for a sample project digital story and a ‘how-to’ video for editing your own videos on iPad using Pinnacle Studio:


CLOSED CAPTIONS are subtitles added to an online video to meet the accessibility needs of hearing impaired persons. They can also greatly assist comprehension for people from non-English speaking backgrounds. Closed captions are a requirement to meet government accessibility guidelines (WCAG2)

Amara is a great tool for creating Closed Captions for online videos. The interface is easy to navigate and does not contain any more tools than are needed for each step which saves time.

The following steps provide instructions for creating subtitles in Amara.
TIP: Consider doing a short incomplete practice run all the way through the process before you attempt to title the full length of your video.

Step 1:

Upload the video onto a video hosting site (ie YouTube, Vimeo ) or any site or web server that you have access to. Copy the URL for your video

Step 2:

Go to the Amara website and enter the URL of your video. Amara is here:
The Amara site contains short instructional videos for each step in the process of creating Closed Captions - watch these the first time you create captions. Work through all steps to create your captions

TIP: When you finish your captions, DON'T JUST PRESS SAVE - make sure you DOWNLOAD the captions as below

Step 3:

Download the subtitles to your computer.
  • select the ‘Download subtitles’ button at the end of the final step
  • copy the subtitles
  • paste the subtitles into Notepad (PC) or TextEdit (Mac) - or any basic text editor like WordPad. DO NOT USE MS WORD
  • Save the file as
  • You must put the suffix ".SRT" at the end of the file - not ".TXT"

I would suggest calling the subtitle file the same as the video file eg engage-learning.mp4 and

Step 4:

Send the video and the subtitle file (in ".srt" format) to your project folder in

NOTE*: You can upload your video to your project's ELP&S Dropbox account and ask us to upload it to the Strategy YouTube account. Once there, you can then create your SRT caption file, download the SRT and send it to us to add to your video. Rory OBrien NSW CSA :